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Every bike-fit needs to be confirm by our associates, we do this to avoid double booking of  time, due to we also receive phone booking. 

  • Make sure that your shoe cleats are set up correctly

    45 min

  • Can't get comfortable on your saddle?

    45 min

  • Get the correct follow up of your bike.

    1 hr

  • For every bike

    2 hr

  • For Triathlon/ Time Trial Bike

    2 hr

  • Improve your efficiency

    1 hr


about me.

Very few people today are aware of the importance of a Bike-Fit for cycling and the benefits it brings. That is why it is important for us bike-fitters to raise awareness in the cycling community and thus be able to practice healthy cycling that allows us to enjoy what we love so much.

From my personal perspective, Bike-Fit has always been a point of interest since day one when I began to be part of the wonderful world of cycling, first as a cyclist and then as a triathlete. For this reason, in 2009 I decided to launch myself to fulfill this dream, and thus through a company called Bike Fit, I began to take my first steps, learning to make biomechanical definitions. Years later I met who would be my mentor Rene Muñoz with whom I had the opportunity to learn from

A to Z, every detail to take into account to carry out a professional bike fit. After years of practice and studies I was able to take my test to become a certified Road, MTB and Triathlon bike-fitter. Shortly thereafter I continued my training both in assisting Pro riders to obtain optimal potential from their bikes, as well as guiding and helping everyday riders prevent injuries on and off their bikes.

To you who are reading this I tell you, if you enjoy cycling as much as I do, let's add and not subtract, it is in our hands to carry out healthy cycling and avoid injuries that we often cause ourselves due to lack of knowledge. Continuing on the march depends on us!



Tel: 786-878-4222

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